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Buttz News:
-25th Anniversary Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue: A competition like no other.  Pitmasters from around the globe are walking the streets of a quaint little town called Lynchburg, TN.  We took home 2nd Place Chef's Choice and a 3rd place Dessert.  Accomplishments that we will carry with us for years to come...              

- 34th Annual American Royal BBQ Championships:  For the past three years we've competed in this event.  We've walked away every year in the top 1% in the field of competitors. Never have we walked the dirt floor arena unless it was to receive our scorecard.  This year it all changed.  As we're sitting in the stands listening to the names of our fellow Brethren get top honors. We wait with anticipation to see if our name gets called.  The occasional "Blazin" would come out of the announcers mouth and we would hold our breathe.  Only to hear Blazen BBQ or Blazin Blues BBQ receive the honor.  An hour into the awards ceremony, we come to the Brisket category.  Top 20 teams are being announced, in 10th place Brisket Blazin…. (we tense up) Blues BBQ and the three of us let out a sigh.  9th place Brisket Blazin…. (we tense up) Buttz BBQ!  Success!!!!  We jump up in excitement and began our walk down the bleachers, across that dirt floor, to be met by our friend and embassador Kyle Shipps.  Words of congratulations are shared and free hugs were given out before we went up to the stage.  As we stand on the number 9 sign we snap a quick photo to document the occasion:
       An accomplishment we've strived for, practiced for and competed for…    

- With the 2013 barbecue season coming to a close.  Our hard work as paid off... We are proud to announce that we gained Invitations to the following National events: 

- Blazin Buttz won their 6th consecutive Grilling Grand Championship at the Battle of the BBQ Brethren 2013.  We incorporated two new dishes at this competition.  A delightful shrimp appetizer and a dynamic stuffed pork loin with a balsamic reduction.  

- A great article was written this month by Sal Vaglica of the Long Island Pulse Magazine.  We welcomed Sal and his photographer Kenny Janosick into our 20x20 humble abode.  We spent a good portion of an afternoon explaining the ins and outs of competition barbecue, cookers, flavor profiles, woods, meat texture, injections, etc.  Truly giving these folks a crash course into our hobby. 
The following morning Sal and Kenny returned to see us in action.  Snapping pictures and getting briefed on what's taking place within our battle zone.  Occasionally handing off some que so they can associate the final product to the prior days explanations.  As turn ins are closing in on us they depart to check in with other teams.  Please take a minute to read UP IN SMOKE, Southern BBQ NY Style.   

- Blazin Buttz won big at the NYC BBQ Cookoff, Staten Island, NY
7th Chicken, 10th Ribs, 1st Pork, 3rd Brisket - Overall Grand Champion

- Post Hurricane Sandy, we teamed up with fellow members of the BBQ Brethren and Operation BBQ Relief to supply over 25,000 meals to many families & first responders across Long Island affected by the storm.  

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